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How echoes from a far-sighted guru resounded to help 35 years later


We all know that the best way to convince someone of our argument is to make then think it was their idea in the first place. But we shouldn’t need to do that with our Boss, should we. Surely they’ll be open to our way of thinking, and have a mutual dialogue! Errrrr…..


We think ‘the good old days’ are in the past, but today we’re living the ‘good old days’ of the future! BUT how many BUTTS are getting in the way of enjoying them…..and how can we prevent them knocking us over?


The lists were an attempt to squeeze the gallon of things to do into the pint pot of time, and to control what would happen in the future. I don’t do that so much now! What has changed? Why do I get more ‘listless’ as I get older? Three reasons are on my list (!) : - Living more in the moment - Letting go of control - Making a transition in purpose and identity

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