How To Create A Successful Portfolio Business Adrian Bourne and Katie Ledger

For most of us, having grown up with an ‘employee’ mindset that focuses on one career to last a lifetime, the portfolio lifestyle has never been a realistic option, and increasingly, we find ourselves wanting (and often needing) many strands to our job, career or business.

... we are becoming portfolio workers with several ideas, outlets and activities that combine to allow us to enjoy and utilise all aspects of ourselves, and produce multiple streams of income. At Inspired Entrepreneur we call this "being a renaissance soul" - when you're simply too creative, inspired and passionate to be constrained to a single outlet for your work. 

But how do you leverage this attractive lifestyle to achieve greater success and happiness?

... for our first ever panel evening, in September 2010, I was joined on stage by Katie Ledger and Adrian Bourne to explore what a portfolio career is, and how you go about creating your own portfolio lifestyle. 

In this huge 102 minute recording, complete with three sets of Powerpoint slides, you'll learn:

  • What a portfolio lifestyle really is.
  • How to think like a portfolio person.
  • Key factors to designing and creating your portfolio career.
  • How to maintain focus while being pulled in different directions.
  • Why it's an increasing trend for the employed and self-employed.
  • The secrets to maintaining the balance between time and money.
  • Ways to develop and create your new identity around your portfolio life.

... this recording is an opportunity to learn how to build your own portfolio lifestyle that is in harmony withwho you areand how you enjoy working and operating. We also share our experiences of running a portfolio life and the practicalities to make it a success for you.

Adrian Bourne is an Executive Coach and a partner in The Portfolio Professionals Partnership. He is co-author of Building a Portfolio Career having helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find the career life balance that's right for them. Adrian will share his experiences of living a portfolio lifestyle, and offer hints and tips on the practicalities of making it a success. 

Katie Ledger is co-author of And What Do You Do? 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career. She describes herself as "a recovering TV News Journalist who helps people communicate in a compelling and memorable way". Katie loves helping you answer the question, "And what would you like to do?" - the answer may well turn out to be several jobs or projects: a portfolio career. She'll share the secrets of people who have successfully blended their 'work' and 'life' so they have achieved the 4 F's: fulfilment; flexibility; finance and freedom. Katie will show you how work can be something you actively look forward to and introduce you to people who really do enjoy getting up on a Monday morning.

Nick Williams is a best-selling author and co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur who currently has at least 12 strands to his work and career. Nick will share his experience of helping thousands of people re-imagine and recreate their work lives. Nick's mantra is "There are lots of things I am good at and love doing, but nothing I would want to do everyday." 

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