Opening up the Portfolio Opportunity

Opening up the Portfolio Opportunity
Cranfield School of Management 6.30 pm, CMRI Building


What is Portfolio Life? What does it feel like? Who's is it for? This event focuses on Portfolio Life. With the assistance of CMA partners in this sector, Adrian Bourne and Colin McCrudden, authors of You Unlimited, and practicing portfolioers you may find a portfolio career is what you are looking for to change your career map.

Management guru Charles Handy is credited with first using the term'Portfolio Life'and has attracted many followers to its concept of freedom, flexibility and independence. Now, after progressive changes to working practices, job security and pensions, the concept of the Portfolio Life can be seen as a real option for a professional career.

For many the Portfolio Life is the answer to today's changing world of work. It lets you take control, decide how much to earn, how many hours to work, and who to work with. If you want to broaden your horizons, re-plan your career and improve your work/life balance - now or in a few years time - then don't miss this seminar with presentations by the authors of the definitive guide to portfolio living, and a chance to talk individually to them and others who are experts in their own fields.

What is it?
An evening seminar that will give new insights into the concept and practical application of portfolio working; led by former Managing Directors who have successfully made the transition to portfolio life. The seminar is designed to increase awareness of the potential of Portfolio Working for those already portfolioing, those ready for transition, and those wishing to forward plan for a possible future move.

The evening opens with a presentation by Adrian Bourne and Colin McCrudden, authors of You...Unlimited, the guide to the why, how and when of Portfolio Life. They are supported by CMA partners, all key specialists on interim management, non-executive directorships, flexible working, executive coaching and working with charities.

Who is it for?

  • People at a career crossroads now or who wish to plan their career for the future
  • Those looking to rebalance their lives between work, home and all the other things they enjoy
  • Directors and executives who see portfolio life as a realistic opportunity and wish to consider it in greater depth
  • Self-employed professionals seeking to broaden into a fuller portfolio
  • Forward-thinking career professionals who seek a greater understanding of portfolio life as a possible future option.

What will you get out of it?

  • Relevant career advice from experts in the field - meet our CMA portfolio partners
  • Increased awareness of portfolio working as an option for your career, now or in the future
  • Practical tips on the advantages and pitfalls of portfolio life
  • Increased knowledge on a range of key potential roles for your portfolio
  • Information on one-to-one support available from the authors through coaching sessions

'The best event of our year. Great interest generated in the audience. We will want to repeat it to a wider audience next time. '
A Director of The Executive Network, chairing a Portfolio evening based on You...Unlimited

There are a limited number of places available. CMAMembers £25 / Alumni and Guests £35. Please contact Jean Loughlan Tel: 01234 754324.

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