BAPC offers plenty of advice on how to lead the portfolio life. "Concentrate on what you enjoy most, avoid jobs just because they're available and make sure the jobs fit with the rest of your life," it advises [...] All sensible tips, but how realistic is the portfolio life for most employees?

The book recounts several examples of people who have made the successful transition to a portfolio life. One interesting case study is of a man who works as a caretaker three days a week, is a bookseller at weekends and spends the rest of the time working on his novel.

BAPC shows that with planning and determination, the portfolio life, with its potential for independence and fulfilment, can be an antidote to redundancy.

- Mark Tran Guardian Unlimited

"BAPC" is an unfettered, straight talking, common sense approach to the enrichment of life. …..Indeed, the authors have," talked the talk and walked the walk,"--and lived the life--and know what they are espousing. Persuasively and without the pomposity and ponderousness of so many preachers of tired bromides, they illuminate a convincing,realistic, and attainable enrichment of life. A,"portfolio life," may not be for everyone, but "BAPC" stimulates a thoughtful introspection in a way that is easy to understand,enjoyable, and also entertaining.

- Bill Sur

This is THE book for anybody who has ever wanted to take control of their work and their life. It covers every possible aspect from how and when to set up your business to stress management and healthy eating.

[...] as well as challenging you to think about where you are in your life and where you want to be it also encourages you to think of how any changes you make may impact on others around you.

The book is easy to read and free of jargon. It is exciting and inspiring and gives many examples from people who have successfully made the transition from the standard 9-5 lifestyle to one of choice and balance.

I would thoroughly recommend reading this book if you are looking for ways on how to maximise your potential and finding fulfillment.

- Carole from Surrey, England

Have just put down my copy of your book and wanted to Email to say "great

Serendipity took me to Waterstones, I am sure - having just agreed to
redundancy from a blue-chip. I am now convinced that the medium term bridge
I have negotiated with one of my old competitors (by way of an 18mth temp
contract) leads to a future of portfolio work.

- A Reader

I couldn't put the book down and constantly used it as a reference guide. ….reading the book released some new thinking and imagination, which changed my mind set and approach to my future.

I distinctly remember my first day after I left my full-time job. Stepping out of the house and down to my local railway station for a meeting up in the City felt really odd, exciting and exhilarating. These are the only words I can use to say how I remember feeling, changing my life time behaviour to this open portfolio way of life that I had signed myself up to,  filled me with a huge amount of energy and determination to develop as much work as possible.

What I enjoy that ultimately suits me is the ability to mix and match work around my life. I enjoy the range of different work streams I have. I do what I want to do because I enjoy it.

- Steve Grainger

Marvellous exercises to make you think  - like writing your birthday party speech at 70 - forced me to realise the significance of my oft quoted line  'Every work of art is a child of its time'

I have established my portfolio and achieved a new lifestyle that balances my work, home and personal life closer to the way I want it.

From my experience on the journey, I would encourage potential portfolio people to have faith that :

  • your talents and experience can be transferred and amplified beyond your current role
  • when you know what you want to do, the world will bring opportunities to make it happen, including a new support team and paying clients!
  • you have just got to get going : the first step is the hardest and then the road rises up to meet you. 
  • a plan with timings and milestones will make a clear path through the myriad of questions and options…and give you a feeling of control

- Julia Cleverdon

…congratulate you on your book - it looks fabulous and I know how much dedication must have gone into bringing it into fruition

- Nick Williams – author and founder of ‘Inspired Entrepreneurs'

I get a lot of people who've read my books asking "How do I fill my portfolio? It sounds as if you're writing a 'how to' book for the portfolio life

- Charles Handy