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For most of us, having grown up with an ‘employee’ mindset that focuses on one career to last a lifetime, the portfolio lifestyle has never been a realistic option, and increasingly, we find ourselves wanting (and often needing) many strands to our job, career or business.

How To Build A Successful Portfolio Business with Adrian Bourne

How To Build A Successful Portfolio Business with Adrian Bourne
Teleseminar Recording - Price £14.99


In this hour long discussion, Adrian will be addressing some of the most valid, and frequently asked questions, about building and managing a portfolio lifestyle.

Me, myself and I

Me, myself and I
by Alison Coleman


While some companies are freezing pay to avoid job cuts, others have no choice but to axe employees. Which means more directors are seeking to become consultants, freelancers or portfolio workers. We offer advice for directors going solo.

Opening up the Portfolio Opportunity

Opening up the Portfolio Opportunity
Cranfield School of Management 6.30 pm, CMRI Building


What is Portfolio Life? What does it feel like? Who's is it for? This event focuses on Portfolio Life. With the assistance of CMA partners in this sector, Adrian Bourne and Colin McCrudden, authors of You Unlimited, and practicing portfolioers you may find a portfolio career is what you are looking for to change your career map.

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