Getting my way your way

Getting my way your way


Getting my way your way

We all know that the best way to convince someone of our argument is to make then think it was their idea in the first place. But we shouldn’t need to do that with our Boss, should we. Surely they’ll be open to our way of thinking, and have a mutual dialogue! Errrrr…..

To Sinatra’s well known tune

And now, my boss is here
To make for me a big decision
The truth, I’ll make it clear
I'll state my case, with my precision
I know I’ve got it right
I’ve looked at each and every angle
No-one, not even he
Can’t see it my Way

Regrets, now I’ve a few
It didn’t work, my way’s not OK
I’ll play a different game
He needs to think he’s done it his way
Each grain of truth I’ll seed
I’ll plant them early so they make hay
And then he’ll take the lead
And think it’s his way

Yes it’s a game we all can play
To put ourselves in others’ minds
Our very thoughts are what they say
They take the bait and take our lines
They feel in charge but we stand tall
And get it our way

For what is a man, what has he got?
His own ideas, but sometimes not
He plants the words he wants to hear
Which echo back to his own ear
But records show, (what we all know)
They did it their way!!

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